Our bond is your security.



Zurich Surety has been at the forefront of the surety bond market for over 65 years. A surety bond is a third party security that an individual or a company will fulfill their obligations.

A Zurich surety bond is a security of the obligations (whether contractual, statutory or other) of a Zurich client ,arranged to the benefit of his or her counterparty, granted and backed by a financial institution of substance and repute (Zurich).

Hence, this is a tripartite agreement, whereby Zurich, upon request of the client (principal), secures, with a surety bond or a guarantee, the client’s obligations towards the contractor (beneficiary).

This is also a risk transfer mechanism: the risk of the beneficiary is transferred to an external party, a professional institution, whose name and standing gives the beneficiary comfort. Thus, trading is facilitated and promoted, as business partners are more willing to enter into transactions so secured.

  • Zurich bonds, thanks to Zurich worldwide and long-standing recognition and reputation, are well accepted in international markets
  • You may improve the availability of your loans, as well as your liquidity as bank facilities are not reduced by bank bonding/guarantee lines. Experienced finance directors and treasurers regard a Zurich facility as being an essential complement to their banking facilities.
  • You can plan ahead and tender for new work confident in the knowledge that a facility is available to meet your bonding requirements as they arise.
  • Our underwriting is flexible and responsive as your customers’ requirements will vary.
  • We have an extensive bond and guarantee expertise and deep understanding of the various bond markets, as this is our specialty and a core business of our domain, hence we can offer tailor-made solutions that accommodate best your needs and balance well the interests of yours and your counterparty (the beneficiary of the bond).
  • Leveraging on our expertise, we will review bond wordings at tender or negotiation stage (without any additional charge) and work with you to identify and mitigate excessive, unusual or onerous bonding risks.
  • Unlike banks, we do not require that you direct your cash turnover through our accounts.

Advantages of Zurich surety facility

We offer surety facilities and issue all types of bonds and guarantees for clients operating in many different industries and locations. A Zurich bond facility leaves the client’s bank credit lines available for working capital and other funding requirements and allows a more cost efficient management of corporate debt and other liabilities. It is an additional source of finance, complementary to bank finance.

The Zurich Surety participates with other Zurich entities around the world, sharing best practices in order to bring surety solutions to customers world-wide.

Surety underwriting for Continental European Corporates is performed out of Frankfurt, which is the Centre of Excellence for Credit & Surety within Zurich’s Business Division: Continental Europe, and administered centrally or locally depending on specific customer needs and market constraints.

As a member of the Zurich Insurance Group, Surety is able to bring tremendous resources to bear in our efforts to meet customer needs. The financial strength of Surety is greatly enhanced by our membership in the Zurich Group (AA-) whose financial stability is recognized around the world.

Zurich is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. With over 55,000 employees, we provide a wide range of general insurance and life insurance products and services. We serve individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, including multinational corporations, in more than 170 countries.


Zurich offers all types of bonds and guarantees, in particular: bid bonds, advance payment bonds, performance bonds, warranty bonds, travel bonds and other. We also provide customized solutions, specifically adjusted to client’s needs.

Surety is similar to bank commitment, although no cash is paid upon issuance. Since Zurich commits to pay in the case of client’s nonfulfillment of obligations, and then has a right of recourse to the client, surety involves a credit risk; hence the analysis of creditworthiness of the client is performed, similarly as at banks before granting a loan.

How to apply

Usually, Zurich negotiates a bond line with the client, whereby during a certain period of time the client knows that he is entitled to request Zurich to issue bonds up to an agreed limit under the terms and conditions of the bond facility. However, Zurich also responds to individual bond requests related to special contractual or legal obligations.

Bond prices are quoted as basis points in respect of the issued bond volume on a p.a. basis. The main condition precedent to an offer made by Zurich is the financial information requirement about the corporate customer.

If you are interested in our surety products, please contact us at the address given below and provide the standard information and we will promptly respond to you.

Standard information

  • Information on the bonding needs and underlying projects (description of the request).
  • Information on the applicant:
    • details of an applicant (including the name, seat, ownership structure, organizational structure),
    • full annual reports for the last 2 years (including the auditor’s report and opinion, if any, the notes and director’s report), up-to-date interim financials and a financial forecast if available
    • overview of existing facilities (both loan and surety), including the utilization, duration, security, repayment plans and amounts
    • current backlog of orders

In the course of analysis, Zurich may request additional information.