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Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance

We can help protect your business against bad debts. Because no matter how well a company is managed, bankruptcies can sometimes happen quite suddenly. Full order books and the best marketing strategies are neither a guarantee to a company’s success and its ability to meet payment obligations nor offer you protection again bad debts.

  • Credit assessments and monitoring of your customer portfolio
  • Excellent risk and market knowledge
  • Maintains your own liquidity
  • Worldwide insurance covering specified and non-specified customers of your company and or corporation
  • Simple, customized wording to your company’s needs
  • Our premiums are usually "fixed premiums" allowing you to calculate costs

Protection against insolvency and default

With Zurich Credit Insurance, you will have optimal protection in the event customers no longer meet their payment obligations. Our insurance protects you against losses related to uncollectible receivables, arising from the delivery of goods and the performance of services that occur when your customer is late in paying or even becomes insolvent.

Depending on the industrial sector and contractual stipulations, it usually takes from 30 to 180 days to receive payments for the delivery of goods or the performance of services. Open terms of payment represent the available credit that you as the supplier grant your customer free of charge. That ties up cash and affects your liquidity. As the result, the longer the terms of payment the more unpredictable your risk becomes.

Our basic concept is based on the three pillars of Credit Insurance.

  • Prevention of loss
  • Mitigation of loss
  • Compensation for loss

Our products at a glance

Commercial Credit Insurance "Basic Finance"

Our classic "Basic Finance" offers you extensive insurance cover against insolvency and protracted default; for a small extra charge, it also covers political risks. Basic Finance insures your complete annual turnover, including short-term receivables with payment periods of up to 6 months. You have the possibility of covering all your domestic and foreign customers worldwide. We offer you a product tailored to your needs. Our policy wording is easy to understand and work with.

If you do not require full insurance protection, we also offer you the option of covering a certain set of customers (key accounts/top traders) or only a particular business division of your company.

Commercial Credit Insurance "Excess of Loss" (XL)

Our "Excess of Loss" insurance cover is especially suitable for medium and larger sized business and is based on your company’s professional credit management. It covers risks of insolvency, protracted default and political risk. Credit assessment, risk prevention and monitoring largely remain within your company. Since you share part of the risk, our product offers optimal insurance cover at very competitive rates.

Commercial Credit Insurance "Specific Account"

This insurance variation gives you the option of cover against insolvency and protracted default of specific and selected customers.

Commercial Credit Insurance "Invest"

Our "Invest" Commercial Credit Insurance covers the sale and trade of capital goods, machinery and equipment with a policy period of up to 48 months.


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